Project #1: Website Analysis Paper

Our first assignment was to write a formal paper analyzing a website. I decided to do Fafi’s website. If you do not know who the artist is the paper will explain it all. Although this is a written assignment in a media technology class I found this the hardest assignment to do because analyzing a website is actually more difficult to do. Here is a copy of the paper. I hope you enjoy it.

“Fafi is an artist who started out her work in European Countries. According to the websites profile section she was born and raised in Toulouse France. Her graffiti and work was first recognized in her hometown in 1994. Basically she is an artist who began to graffiti on walls in European countries and began to grow fame. She is most famous for her type of fine art graffiti known as fafinettes, which are types of women she creates in her artwork. These women are a type of cartoon as you can say. When done reading this mini biography of her there is a link to at the bottom of the back directing you “back” as it says. However once you click it you are directed to a different page entirely. This is where the argument towards the site presents itself. The site isn’t very well organized and constructed.

Fafi has a site that can be interpreted as a play on words. When searched in google the first site that comes up for her is , a clear play on the word fafinette perhaps. Under that however is another website that is which seems more official. However based on the internet address of the site it would appear that this access to accueil would be through the site. However it is not. Since this second site is the site which seems to be more official the analysis is on that. When searching through the site three major conflicts arose. The clear first one is the accuracy of the site. The second was the authority of the site. The final one was the navigation of the site, or usability rather. Although other elements going to be discussed are clearly a part of the site, those three seem to play a key role in the analysis.

The first issue is the currency of the site. The first thing that stands out on the homepage is the Check this first sign which suggests you to click on the news link right under it. Once clicked the link directs you to a new page which is “A No-Kidding Work Blog by Fafi.” However the last update was almost 2 months ago. The second link directs you to her profile which opens you to a mini biography of her. However that was last updated last year in April. At the end of the biography it has a coming up next section. This section introduces you to the release of her collaboration with Adidas in October of 2009 which has since long passed. The second introduces her comic book coming in 2010. Although the year of 2010 has just started there is no reference to the month as to when the comic book will be released. As well as those, if you click her pictures link you go to a page that was last updated either in 2008, or February 6th of 2008 which disregarding if the date was a typo or not due to the fact that it was written out 20/06/08; that was still over a year ago. Her “W” section was last updated in 2007 as well as her exhibitions link. As well as that the rest of her links do not have any last updated references on them. To add to that the homepage itself has not been updated since May 4th of 2008.

The second issue at hand is the authority of the site. The site seems to be about Fafi herself but it is not whether it is run and updated by her, by a fan, or someone else. Her profile link is written in third person which is clearly not by her. However then there are links to her blogs which are written (allegedly) specifically by her. However other links on the homepage such as the sketches link brings you to a site that appears to be narrated by Fafi herself. Although a couple links down there is a download link, which when clicked directs you to a page that seems to be talking about Fafi in third person again. To add to that a final link called shop brings you to an online store where it is not evident who runs the store. Case in point the website makes it very confusing as to who is running the site. The clarity between Fafi running it, a fan running it, or a manger running it is not clear on the site. All of this makes the consumer question whether or not to believe in the site.

The final and most important aspect of the analysis is the navigation of the site. At first it seems easy. The homepage opens with a set picture on the left and ten obvious links all aligned perfectly on the right. There are another three links as well that aren’t as obvious, however do not seem too important to the site considering two of them are to Myspace and Facebook. However those links are aligned perfectly on the right as well. The first problem occurs however when the profile link is clicked. In that section of the site there is one other link in there which navigates you back to the homepage. This is supposed to make it easier to get back to the original homepage you were just at. However when clicked you are navigated to a completely different site. The site is still Fafi oriented but nowhere near where you initially started. Because of this the navigator then has to rely on their browsers back button to return. To add to this there is another link at the bottom of the site that asks you if you are looking for Fafi artwork. If you are the link suggests you to click. Once accessed a new page is then opened up. However after that a sign comes up saying that the website is no longer available. This not only leaves the consumer disappointed but it happens in the site more than once. What is more confusing is that in her profile section there is a bit at the end that looks like an excerpt from a diary. Perhaps this was started before the Fafi blog was created. Although once the blog was up and running this excerpt should have been removed. Once read it seems as if it has no purpose in the profile section and starts confusion. Along with that several of the links do not have a back to menu link leaving the audience to navigate their way back to the homepage through their browsers back button.

Overall the site has an intended audience. Fafi obviously goes for a hip younger crowd. That is evident in her artwork, her use of text, and the layout of the site. The tone is also set for a young crowd with bright colors and the  use of language in the site. However once looking passed that there seem to be many flaws in the site. The site leaves you empty with news of the artist considering that the most recent update of the site was two months ago. The authority of the site is also unclear considering there is no definite as to who runs it. The final is that even though overall the site looks clean cit and easy to navigate, it isn’t. The consumer is sometimes left lost in the navigation of such a site, having to click far too many times than they had hoped. Overall the site needs some touching up which seems ironic since it is centered around an artist.”

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Editing For Continuity Project

For the final assignment of my media class we were given a set of raw footage. Our assignment was to piece this footage together like an actual editor would to make a story using continuity. I chose to use the scene of the man walking in and realizing his friends first. There was footage of the man walking down a flight of steps that seemed like it could be the setting of the bar however i chose not to use it because i felt like the two scenes did not go together. I also decided not to use footage that was given of two women laughing because i also felt like it did not belong. I wanted the scene to only be about the 3 people who were in it. I also decided to use footage of a scene that seemed to be a mess up because the actors were laughing although to me it made sense because I felt like it added to the fun. I hope you enjoy watching it.

Here is the link to the video. I hope you enjoy it.

Follow it here: Video Editing for Continuity. Follow this link


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Narrative Video

As our third assignment for my Intro to Media Class we were given a folder of movie stills. With those photos we were told to put together a narrative video no longer than 2 minutes. We were allowed to add any music or soundtrack we wanted. I decided to not only choose music but to also do a sound recording myself. I am actually proud of this word because I was emabrassed to record my voice and I started off the project a little confused. In the end I ended up pretty satisfied with the work. Below is a description as well as a link to the video uploaded on

“This is my video for the second project. The overall concept of the video was supposed to be of teenage children. One day Denise and her brother found and old stage and started dancing on it. It was a good way to keep them occupied and to keep them out of trouble. Eventually neighborhood kids started doing it with them. It didn’t become a big movement but the town took notice. A local report was done on them. This 2 minutes is supposed to be the story of how they became what they are now. I took clips of them dancing to give visuals of what they do on the stage. I also used close up stills on Denise and Brandon to identify who they were. As well as that I used a still of the stage they dance on with a glowing effect as well as a fade out to signify the end of the project and to almost glorify the “stage that started it all.” I chose my music from the The song is called “Awei Womei.” It is an African and Blues song. I chose it because I think the actual instruments and beat fit into my video. Along with that I thought the background of the song went well with all the artwork that was in the still pictures as well as the actual artwork all over the stage. I also used my own voice recording recorded in a booth. In the video I also used a lot of short cuts to keep it simple and focus on the pictures themselves and to not distract from the dialogue. At the end however I used transitions doing the instrumental part to not only signify the end of the video but to also signify the art of what they do. I also tried to keep my audio as if Denise was doing a regular interview.”

BTMM Stills project 


link :


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Welcome to the World of Photoshop

As our second assignment in my Broadcast telecommunications Media Tech class (what a mouth full!) we had to do a photoshop assignment. The assignment was to design a website still as if I were going to show it to someone, basically advertising my work. We were given a set of pictures and then were told to make the wesbite as a personal profile for someone of some sort. That part was up to us, so I decided to make mine a poet. This happened accidentally after playing with filters and creating lipstick on the picture. Unfortunately I am not happy with this project because I spent an hour touching up typos and other tweaks my project seemed to have that bothered me. I must have saved it wrong because when I posted the assignment it didn’t show up. In turn I ended up having to email my teacher the photoshop file, which had all typos and tweaks included. The copy I intended on uploading seemed to disappear from existence. I hope you enjoy it despite the typos. Even though it’s not my best I am still pretty proud of it because I like to play with photoshop in my spare time. Thanks for checking it out.


P.S. below is the actual paragraph describing the work when it was submitted.

“Amber May is a local poet from Media Pennsylvania. This is her website. She has had two books of her poetry published. Often she will go to local bookstores and places like Barnes and Nobles to do books signings. She has a good group of followers who love her work. Often her works seem to be very deep, sometimes depressing and deathlike. Amber May most identifies with poems about nature and religion. Because of her influences of Emily Dickinson she is very interested in the cycle of life mostly pertaining to birth and then death. I decided to reflect that in her website. I tried to portray that the site have a very poetic and dark feel to it which is very much a reflection of the type of person that Amber May is. I wanted a very artistic, creative and personal feel to her page. “

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Test Post Test Post

hello. testing 123. this blog works. welcome to my first entry besides the one the site just made for me

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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